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Your Web 3.0 Personal Homepage (Based on DAS)

What is is a lightweight application built on DAS. It provides a service for displaying data associated with the DAS account and NFT collections. Simply add “.cc” to the end of any .bit name in any web browser and access the URL. You can use it as.

  • A personal homepage
  • A multi-chain NFT personal store/gallery
  • A POAP gallery
  • A short URL for a specific website

Have a look:

How do I use

Every .bit account will been granted a site automatically. Simply add “.cc” to the end of any .bit account in any web browser. It will automatically display the data associated with this DAS account, as well as multi-chain NFTs and POAPs owned by the owner address of the DAS account.

For example, the data associated with the topbidder.bit account and the NFTs under the owner address can be viewed in

The data information associated with a DAS account comes from the public database provided by DAS, which is on the chain and controlled by the owner and manager of that DAS account.

How can I edit the settings?

You can change the appearance of the presentation or redirects the page to a specific website by setting up special records in your DAS account.

Guide: Show your NFTs !— 2.0 NFT version is now live! | by DA.Systems | Medium

How can I display my NFTs on page? will automatically display multi-chain NFTs of owner addresses. Currently DAS has integrated with OpenSea, Treasureland, POAP, AirNFTs and Mibao. If you want to display NFTs on your own, you can.

  • register a DAS account with your own address and visit the page.

  • transfer the NFT to the owner address of the DAS account.

How do I update the info on my page?

Log in DAS DApp and edit records, such as addresses, social accounts, etc. Once the changes are saved, will be updated automatically.